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Post  St3v3f on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:43 pm

Hello fellow colonial pilots.

The Guardians of Kobol are a group of mostly Strike and Escort players on Tauron server and we are looking for new recruits to expand our strength. We have few very good liner pilots too.
Our members have a wide span of levels. Some are new and inexperienced, others belong to the finest pilots the server has to offer. However, most of our best members have joined the wing as nuggets themselves (I myself with a level of 6) which is a fine example of the loyalty within the wing and the help and mentoring our experienced members share with the new ones. And you can be a part of that group too.

We relaunched the wing some months ago as former members of the Sons of Kobol. After most of the head staff including the wing leader quit the game, we decided to start over and here we are.

We have members from all across europe, if you are interested, you have to be able to read and write English. So if you understand me so far, the first step is already taken.

If you join us, you will be member of a group of nice and mature people that always help each other and have fun together. We welcome all fellow colonials who respect some basic rules:
  1. Be active. We are a group of friends, and to keep a friendship alive you have to be around regularly. We don't expect you to play every day though. People have jobs and a real life to take care of. But you should have time once or twice a week so we can get to know each other.
  2. If you are going to be offline for more than two weeks, please let us know before. Friends don't leave each other without notice.
  3. Be a teamplayer. Stick with the group and follow orders in battle.
  4. If a fellow member asks for help, you will have to grant it. In return, you can ask for help yourself at any time.
So, if you are interested, feel free to contact me (Ingame Nick: St3v3f) or _Stormbringer_ per whisper (Like: /w St3v3f hi, i want to join your awesome wing) or create a thread in this forum. You can also ask any member of the wing for contact with an admin.

I hope I got you interested and I am looking forward to hear from you

>>> Wing promo/recruiting video <<<


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